Thornhill Manor welcomes new residents

Due to Covid-19 restrictions and social distancing, Rand Aid’s Thornhill Manor retirement village was not able to host its usual functions to welcome new residents to the village.

With the easing of restrictions, Thornhill Manor was recently able to welcome new residents and celebrate with them. To restrict the number of people and ensure residents’ safety, three separate functions were held with new residents, who were welcomed by village chairman Dave Webster, village committee member Carol Gaynham and village manager Esme Erasmus.

Guests enjoyed a glass of wine and individual snack platters, while Dave and Esme spoke about Thornhill Manor, including the upcoming nominations for a new village committee for the next two years. The new residents were also encouraged to participate in a discussion about their experience of the village so far, and to offer suggestions.

Back, from left to right: John Sator, Dave Webster, Gavin Kendall and Rick John.
Front, from left to right: Marina Sartor, Sue Carklin, Marian Cole, Esme Erasmus, Lynda Hopkins, Evelyn Kendall, Vicky John and Carol Gaynham.