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Defeat substance dependency at SANCA Wedge Gardens Treatment Centre

Where is SANCA Wedge Gardens situated?

SANCA Wedge Gardens Treatment Centre is based in tranquil surroundings in Whitney Gardens, Johannesburg, Gauteng.

What makes SANCA Wedge Gardens special?

Our Full Circle Recovery Programme for male persons with substance abuse disorder is a holistic, systematic, problem-solving and reality therapy approach that makes use of professional counsellors, including a clinical psychologist, social workers, medical practitioners, nursing practitioners and a spiritual therapist.

Addiction rehabilitation in South Africa was traditionally based on a client-centred approach, with less emphasis on reintegration into the community. SANCA Wedge Gardens Treatment Centre has pioneered work towards rehabilitation based on a holistic approach, which we offer to local and international clients.

We used a mixed quantitative-qualitative study to explore the needs related to treatment at SANCA Wedge Gardens. The study provided evidence that it is more beneficial to treat only male clients in a long-term setting, and they have to be equipped to be able to reintegrate with their significant others and the community at large. SANCA Wedge Gardens subsequently developed a holistic programme based on multi-disciplinary integration and recovery care – the Full Circle Recovery Programme.

Professional therapists are listening and they will answer your questions
Rest assured that issues relating to substance abuse that are emailed to are dealt with by a trained therapist and are kept in the strictest confidence.
If you are in need of help and email personal details of your addiction or that of a loved one to the above address, you can be assured that your mail will go directly to a counsellor who will give your concerns confidential, professional attention.
SANCA Wedge Gardens’ core services

The Full Circle Recovery Programme includes detoxification, in-house treatment, family sessions, family accommodation, a halfway house, aftercare services and outreach programmes.

SANCA Wedge Gardens offers an affordable fee structure for the client and a choice of single accommodation en-suite, or double accommodation with shared facilities.
SANCA Wedge Gardens’ in-house treatment is set in tranquil surroundings, enabling the client to feel more comfortable from the start.
Treatment is divided into three phases, namely assessment, intervention and reintegration.
  • The client is assessed on their social, emotional, psychological, mental, spiritual and physical circumstances.
  • The intervention phase consists of individual and group therapy sessions, which include interactional analysis group therapy, structured group therapy, lectures and social skills development groups.
  • The reintegration phase includes an in-house family participative session and the introduction to support fellowships like Alcoholics Anonymous.
Substance use disorder affects the entire family and that is why it is necessary that the family becomes involved in the treatment plan during the in-patient rehabilitation process.
The support from family needs to be healthy guidelines in support, not enabling the affected person to continue addictive behaviours such as manipulating and emotionally blackmailing significant others to do certain things. This is mainly what is addressed at these sessions.
The halfway house facilitates reintegration into society and provides a supportive structure whilst being reintegrated.
SANCA Wedge Gardens Treatment Centre’s aftercare runs once a month for those clients who have already completed the 28-day or three-month programme.
SANCA Wedge Gardens conducts awareness presentations at corporate wellness days by invitation.
We are available for drug testing and employee assessment, where abuse or addiction is suspected.
We are involved in schools within our community, giving talks on drug abuse and the signs and symptoms thereof.
For social relief assistance, we provide soup to a school in our community.
Facilities available for clients include:
  • Recreation facilities.
  • Communal lounges.
  • Snooker room.
  • TV/DSTV in communal areas.
  • Dining room.
  • Library.
  • E-media centre.
  • Gym.
  • Village shop.
  • Laundrette.
  • Transport to hospitals in close proximity.
24-hour security
Access control, patrolling personnel and electrified fencing with CCTV monitoring perimeter cameras.
Garden Service
Postal Delivery
24-Hour Care In Detox

Help those who can’t help themselves

SANCA Wedge Gardens is in need of funding to continue our valuable work of assisting men suffering from substance use disorder. You can make a difference in their lives by making a donation towards their recovery. 

The Shadow

Broken, battered, emotionally shattered;

Lonely, afraid, so many debts unpaid;

Hopeless, lost, such a terrible cost.

The shadow of the man I’d been;

I come to Wedge Gardens so much to redeem.

Food, shelter, life no longer a skelter;

Therapy, medication, s new realisation.

Compassion, care, allows me to dare,

Have hope, faith, dreams and courage.

For dedication and efforts so often unsung;

Thank you Wedge Gardens, for all you have done.

The shadow has gone!

– left anonymously for SANCA Wedge Gardens staff –

This is a letter written to SANCA Wedge Gardens staff by Michael, whose father underwent successful treatment at the treatment centre:

“Thank you to everyone at Wedge Gardens Treatment Centre who has played a role in the recovery that my dad is experiencing.

Alcohol had a devastating effect on our family for over 25 years. Apart from the ‘life’ wasted from my dad’s side, I am slowly coming to realise some of the effects his drinking had on our lives as well, and it is people like you who have given us hope again.

The Wedge Gardens’ team has taken such a load off us and given him so much direction, that I truly believe he has a great chance of joining the ranks of those who can honestly say they have overcome this killer disease. He is already at 7.5 months sobriety.

I had been praying for years for a solution to this and eventually the Lord led us to Rand Aid’s Wedge Gardens Treatment Centre. I believe it was in His perfect time and perfect will.

Thank you again for the many hours you spent counselling us, without which I feel our chances would have been halved. You have given us all the courage to talk openly about our feelings and this has led to a point where I feel we can support each other in this time.

I am sure that sometimes you feel what you are doing is a thankless job and that you are fighting a losing battle, but please remember that every now and again you will win, you will save lives and families. Thank you again and may God bless you all beyond your wildest dreams for the impact you have had on our lives and that of many other strangers.”

Whitney Road, Whitney Gardens, Johannesburg. P.O. Box 1661, Highlands North, 2037
Tel: (011) 430 0320
If landline is down: (010) 534 6596