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Quality care at Ron Smith Care Centre (RSCC)

What makes RSCC special?

Ron Smith Care Centre offers beautiful and pleasant surroundings, that are  enhanced by trees, well-tended gardens and dams with a variety of bird life.

Dotted around are benches, offering opportunities for relaxation and socialisation in the lovely gardens, and we encourage and welcome regular visits by family and friends.

The Elphino’s Coffee Shop has outdoor and indoor seating and offers a tempting menu for visitors and residents. There are also lapas and braai areas for use. Playground equipment for children is conveniently close to these facilities.

Where is RSCC situated?

Ron Smith Care Centre is situated in the beautiful grounds of Elphin Lodge retirement village, in Edenvale, Gauteng, which incorporates the village and the care centre seamlessly into a happy, active social environment with many shared facilities and services.

The Eden Alternative difference

Ron Smith Care Centre has pioneered person-centred care by becoming the first organisation in Africa to achieve Milestone 2 on the Eden Alternative® Registry, in April 2020.

Founded in America by a Harvard-educated physician, the Eden Alternative is revolutionising the way in which Elders are cared for. The core concept is about teaching us to see places where Elders live as habitats for human beings rather than facilities for the frail and elderly. Eden Alternative thus sees aging as a continued stage of development and growth and not as a period of decline.

At the end of 2016, after a process of physical, cultural, organisational and personal transformation, the criteria for Milestone One was reached and the care centre became only the second in Africa to achieve Eden Registry membership. In 2020, we achieved Milestone Two, becoming the first organisation in Africa to do so.

The Eden Alternative initiative ensures that we bring the highest level of care and wellbeing to our residents and takes into account their holistic wellbeing, not just their physical care.

Our care partners are aware of what holds meaning for individual residents, even in simple, everyday things – they are committed; they work well together as a team and value relationships. They give recognition and celebrate achievements.
RSCC’s Eden Alternative journey has been transformational. Quality care has always been measured against objective criteria and standards that equate homes for older persons with hospitals or nursing homes, with a primary focus on nursing care.
With such a narrow focus, it is easy to concentrate only on the requirements of a person’s illness, age or disability and to overlook the social, emotional, spiritual and growth needs of the person. Often, their personal needs, preferences and dreams are not considered.
The Eden Alternative philosophy has enabled RSCC to see the person and not the patient. Each person who comes to live with us has a history, memories, dreams, aspirations and a need to be acknowledged for who they are.
Our home is now their home and we create a warm, loving and caring environment where each person can experience a life worth living.

Ron Smith Care Centre units

Ron Smith Care Centre offers quality care for 160 Elders in either single or double rooms, with or without private bathrooms, in a choice of separate wings.
RSCC offers frail care which is tailored to the needs of the resident. We care for residents who have physical frailties as well as persons living with dementia. When space allows, we also offer respite care when the regular carer needs a break, and recuperative care after hospitalisation or illness.
All of the above are offered on a long- or short-term basis and all rates include full board and lodging, laundry, recreational and/or occupational therapy services, 24-hour nursing care and a doctor on call. The services of a full-time social worker is included in our holistic care approach.
The staff work as a team to provide holistic care to residents and a structured volunteer programme is in place to assist with recreation activities, provide personal support and friendship to residents and in general, maintain contact with the community out there.

Ron Smith Care Centre’s accommodation

is provided in six separate wings, each being a small community on its own. These are:
A choice of 20 well-appointed garden units or inner rooms, all with en-suite bathrooms and ample built-in cupboards, suitable for single persons or couples. Rooms are furnished with residents’ favourite pieces of furniture to create a ‘home-from-home’ atmosphere. Charming and cosy sitting room and dining facilities are offered.

Ceder Park
Eleven double rooms with veranda access for couples, or for one person requiring a spacious suite with separate bed and sitting areas; as well as five spacious, inner single rooms are available. All rooms are en-suite with ample built-in cupboards. Residents are urged to bring items of furniture and pictures for their comfort. Private dining facilities and a sitting room create a warm and homely atmosphere.


Lakeside offers 20 single rooms with private toilet and handbasin. There is adequate space for a few favourite items of furniture and direct access to the gardens from all rooms. The wing includes private dining facilities and comfortable lounge areas for visiting family and friends.

River Lodges
Three separate wings each offer 93 single rooms with handbasins, the majority leading onto a spacious covered veranda. The rooms offer adequate space for a favourite chair and a television. Bathroom facilities are shared in well-appointed bathrooms with walk-in showers. Meals are taken in the main dining room or in the cosy dining areas on the wings. Pleasant and comfortable television / sitting rooms are available for residents and their visitors.

Memory loss and specialised dementia care

Dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, is growing worldwide and the situation in South Africa is no different.

As this is a progressive disease, it is often difficult for family members to care for a loved one at home. The loss of memory and understanding, difficulty in performing previously routine tasks and personality or mood changes place a heavy burden on the primary caregiver. These difficulties are more pronounced if the carer is an elderly spouse or an adult child trying to cope with the conflicting demands of his/her own family, holding down a job and taking care of the parent.

It is therefore no surprise that care centres for older persons experience an increased demand for the care of persons with memory loss. We follow an integrated approach by caring for persons affected by memory loss in the accommodation they and their family prefer, amongst their peers. We have also dedicated one of our Riverlodge wings for the care of persons living with severe memory loss and who need special care and protection with full-time nursing care. As in our other wings, we encourage a homely atmosphere and for families to furnish the resident’s room with pictures and photos reminiscent of happy times, a favourite chair as well as other items that will make the resident’s life comfortable and pleasant.

Our wing for residents with severe memory loss is pleasantly decorated and provides a social space as well as room for dining and recreation. Stimulating activities, according to residents’ abilities, are provided daily under the guidance of a full-time occupational therapist. These activities include arts and crafts, sensory stimulation and music therapy.

Nursing staff have participated in training courses presented by Alzheimer’s South Africa and are well qualified to take care of this very vulnerable group. All of our personal care services, such as hairdressing, beauty treatments and manicures are available for residents with memory loss as it is important to maintain their dignity despite their impairments. Families are also welcome to use any of our facilities, such as the lapas and coffee shop, to spend time with their loved one or to celebrate special occasions. We also offer a professional support group service to families as we recognise how difficult it is to cope with the memory loss of a loved spouse or parent.

Facilities available for the comfort of residents are:
  • Inter-denominational chapel, shared with Elphin Lodge.
  • Staffed recreation centre offering crafts and activities of interest to residents, under the guidance of an occupational therapist. Also large, well-equipped hall and snooker and card rooms, shared with Elphin Lodge.
  • Library, shared with Elphin Lodge.
  • Hairdresser.
  • A physiotherapist, podiatrist, beautician and manicurist provide services by appointment.
  • Dining room seating area.
  • DSTV in lounge areas.
  • Entertainment, crafts and recreational activities.
  • Elphino’s Coffee Shop and tuck shop.
Rates are dependant on accommodation options.
Please contact us to discuss your needs.
24-hour security
Access control, patrolling personnel and electrified fencing with CCTV monitoring perimeter cameras.
Nurse Call System
24-Hour Nursing Care
Garden Service
Daily Servicing
Postal Delivery
DSTV aerial connection in lounges. Most rooms have DSTV points.
Rates Include
Rates include full board and lodging, 24-hour nursing care, laundry services, linen and GP consultations.
222 Modderfontein Road, Edenvale
Private Bag 891039, Highlands North, 2037
(011) 882 6296
If landline is down: (010) 534 6595
Riverlodge 1 Recuperative care: (010) 534 5256