rand aid association

Rand Aid Association is a well-established and successful non-profit organisation offering accommodation in a variety of independent-living retirement villages and frail care centres. With us you will find a well-appointed retirement home and a support structure that offers a carefree retirement, in beautiful grounds with well-maintained buildings.
Our unique business model enables us to also sustainably care for Elders and others in need. Become part of our caring, dynamic, connected community.

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Many of the vulnerable older people to whom we give shelter, receive only a government grant. This means they are unable to buy daily essentials such as toiletries, or to replace their clothes and shoes when they become worn. Little treats that add richness to life are out of their reach.

In addition, those who have a loved one battling the demons of substance addition know that the path to sobriety is a difficult one. Many arrive on our doorstep having depleted their finances, which makes our job of preparing them to retake their place in society much harder.

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