Elphin Lodge’s Art Group is back!

Elphin Lodge’s Art Group is back in swing of things now that Covid-19 lockdown restrictions have eased.

“The group is happily creating its own ‘works of art’. We have new members, some of whom are new residents. Well done all of you for joining in,” says Elphin Lodge resident Jenny Sella.

“There are always helping hands when it comes to setting out the tables, taking temperatures, filling in the necessary charts for the office and, the best part of all, enjoying the tea/coffee with biscuits and delicious goodies,  brought in by our ‘arties’, in the fresh air outside our clubhouse,” she adds.

Here are some thoughts from the artists about the happy group:

Rhoda: “Being at the art class on a Tuesday morning is the best thing ever.  The group running the class is very good at it… They are lovely, very helpful and generous with their advice.”

Ian: “The beauty here, is that there is always something to learn – even if it means you are not so marvellous – everything counts somewhere!”

Barry: “Coming to the art group every Tuesday has been a very happy and marvellous new and exciting experience, something I have not had for nearly 70 years!”

Evy: “I enjoy the class so much! I look forward to every Tuesday.  The group consists of such lovely people and are all very helpful.”

Dee: “I have been doing art for four years and have learnt so much from others who are willing to help and advise.  I love it so much.  I look so forward to the lovely Tuesday each week.”

David: “Tuesday morning is always something to look forward to. The art group means we do what we want, what we experiment with from week to week.  We learn from each other.”

“Thank you to Elphin Lodge for giving us the opportunity to do different things, even although we are retired.  Being retired does not mean that we are no longer able to do things, make new friends, and experience new things.  This is our home now, and it is a happy and safe place to be,” says Jenny.

Back: Ian Peterson, Denise Friedrichs, Rhoda Rubin, Isabel Kohll, Shirley Cosser, David Wynne, Celia Taft and Claude D’Agnel. Front: Jenny Sella, Barry Tedder, June Branthwaite and Evroula Nathaniel.

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