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Baby animals bring magical moments to RSCC

The residents and staff of Rand Aid’s Ron Smith Care Centre gathered at the Woodlands garden area to await the much-anticipated arrival of a gorgeous group of baby animals on November 10.

Then someone shouted: “Look, here they come!” A beautiful brown pony came trotting along, with a baby goat, sheep, lamb and calf skittering after it.

“Everyone enjoyed interacting with these adorable creatures and loved the opportunity to give the babies their milk bottles and to feed them carrots and cabbage,” says Debbie Christen, Ron Smith Care Centre’s manager of recreational programmes.

“They soon learnt that most of the babies turned up their noses at the cabbage and much preferred the carrots. The residents were also delighted to stroke and cuddle some cute baby bunnies and just generally had a wonderful time bonding with all the farmyard animals in the morning sunshine.”

Debbie says it has been well-documented that interacting with animals can be beneficial to overall health and well-being.  “The physical and visual contact can be calming, soothing and relaxing and can lower blood pressure and reduce stress and anxiety.

“It was wonderful to witness the magical moments of pure joy and delight as residents interacted with these beautiful animals and smiles became even broader when the ice cream trolley was wheeled around. It was the perfect ending to a very pleasant morning.”

Yvonne Yardley feeds a kid.

Olive Jew is all smiles as she feeds a calf.

Ria Milburn enjoys an enchanting moment.

Irvine Sinnett enjoys the pony’s silky muzzle.

Enjoy our photo gallery:

Pleased to meet you…

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