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Lakeside’s wonderful trip to China

Residents and staff who live and work on the residential wing of Lakeside at the Ron Smith Care Centre enjoyed their armchair travel trip to China on Thursday, October 15.

They began their journey with some energising Tai Chi movements, followed by watching several video clips highlighting some of the main features of this fascinating country.

This group from Lakeside was particularly clever when it came to learning a few simple words and phrases in Cantonese. They remembered how to say, ‘Hello’, ‘How are you?’, ‘I’m fine’, ‘Thank you’ and ‘Goodbye’ in Chinese, and their pronunciation was very good! Learning how to use chopsticks was quite a challenge for both residents and staff, but it was immensely satisfying when they finally got the hang of it!

Resident Cathy Basterfield was the winner of the Chopstick Challenge, while Megan Weeks was a close second. Staff members Nellie and Nomsa were the winners of the second round of the challenge.

Refreshments served were freshly cooked spring rolls with sweet chili and soya sauce, and a choice of Ceylon or Jasmine tea. The morning was wrapped up with a slideshow quiz on China – testing the travellers’ new-found knowledge. The end result was that resident Olive Jew was crowned the Quiz Queen!

A wonderful, fun, interesting and informative morning was had by all, with both residents and staff excited to know where next they will be travelling! Suggestions, anyone?

The Lakeside Travel Group. It’s been a fabulous trip: Dojeh (thank you) and Joi Geen (goodbye)!

Energising Tai Chi movements.

Cathy Basterfield manages to transfer all her sweets into the bowl and wins the Chopstick Challenge!

Megan Weeks (right) manages to win second place!

Punching it out!

How on earth are we going to use these sticks to pick up food?


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