Visiting booths at RSCC enable safe family visits

Rand Aid Association’s Ron Smith Care Centre has installed visiting booths and screens on the premises to facilitate visits from family and friends, while protecting its residents from Covid-19.

The management of frail care centres falls under the Department of Social Development and the government gazette sets out clear Covid-19 guidelines for visits to frail care centres under the disaster management protocols.

“Depending on South Africa’s Covid-19 lockdown level, visits to frail care centres are either limited or prohibited,” says Rand Aid’s senior nursing manager Avril Maltman.

“When allowed, all visits must be non-contact, social distancing and mask wearing must be enforced and only two visitors are allowed at a time,” she adds.

Ron Smith Care Centre screens all visitors before they go to the visiting stations.

“The visiting booths have made a significant difference for our residents, as they are now able to see their family and friends in a safe environment and feel much less isolated,” says Avril.

Leslie and Vernon Mitchell making use of one of the visitors’ booths.