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Inyoni Creek residents applaud Rand Aid

Many residents from Rand Aid’s Inyoni Creek retirement village have also received their first Covid-19 vaccination.

Ahead of the roll-out of Phase Two of South Africa’s Covid-19 vaccination programme, Rand Aid Association – which runs various independent living retirement villages, frail care centres and a substance abuse treatment centre for men – assisted its residents to register for their vaccine and setup various Covid-19 vaccination stations, in line with regulations from the Department of Health.

Rand Aid was one of the first two retirement organisations in the area to receive its supply of Covid-19 vaccines from the Department of Health.

As part of its Covid-19 vaccination roll-out, Inyoni Creek residents have also received their first vaccine.

“To date, we have vaccinated 201 residents and will follow up with those who were away, in hospital or on antibiotics,” says Inyoni Creek manager Jenny Tonkin.

This is what Inyoni Creek’s residents had to say:

“I just wanted to extend my thanks to everyone for the smooth running of the vaccine rollout today. How blessed we are to have been able to have it right here in our village and not queue for hours at a hospital venue. Thank you all,” said Lyn Hood.

“Well done with the vaccination roll-out today. It was done with amazing efficiency. The government could learn a thing or two from Rand Aid. Congratulations to all involved,” said Irma Kurlansky.

“Thanks and congratulations on the arrangements and delivery of our jabs. Many thanks to you and all the others who were part of the team that made this such an easy and pleasant experience. And for the cupcakes! They were good,” said Merle and Roger Matthews.

“Ten out of 10 to you and the Inyoni team, Rand Aid and all concerned for the very efficient manner in which the vaccination programme was organised. It far exceeded expectations. Well done and thank you,” said Sue Benjamin.

“We wish to express our gratitude to you and all the staff of Inyoni for the Covid-19 vaccination. And congratulations on the efficient and well-organised roll-out. Very impressive. Makes us feel thankful to be residents of Inyoni Creek,” said Ernest and Barbara Muller.

“Doreen and I would like to express our sincere thanks to you and everyone involved in administering the vaccines here at Rand Aid. We must compliment you for the professional way it was laid out and the efficiency of all the staff who assisted when we arrived at the hall. You must be very proud of this achievement,” said Leonard Jacobson.

“Margaret and I would like to thank Rand Aid Association for the amazing vaccine roll-out. You all did an incredible job and it was a pleasure to be vaccinated,” said Peter Tredre.

“I had my vaccine jab this morning at Tarentaal and would like to compliment Inyoni Creek and Tarentaal management and Rand Aid for a professional job well done. I am sure a lot could be learnt by other institutions (hospitals, clinics etc.) from not only the hall layout and workflow, but also the processing and managing of residents (pre- and post-jab). Also a special and sincere thanks to the sisters/nurses on duty and supporting staff. The care and attention undertaken by all to ensure that every resident was well informed, advised and monitored during the 15-minute window is remarkable. The cupcake was a perfect touch to the total positive experience,” said George Tokarczyk.

“We have now had the first dose of our vaccinations. From my perspective, it went off very well and Rand Aid management and staff all deserve a big pat on the back. Congratulations and well done to the entire team. I found the sisters and supporting staff to be courteous, helpful and kind. The feedback I have received has all been very positive. Once again, thank you and well done,” said Graham Brokenshire.

“Lorna and I would appreciate our thanks being conveyed to the management and team involved with the administering of the Covid-19 vaccine. Every phase was carried out professionally and speedily and everyone was ever so friendly and helpful. To crown it all we got a cupcake on our way out,” said Albert and Lorna van Heerden.

“Hats off to all of you for the vaccination roll-out. It was a pleasure and painless (including the actual jab!),” said Stan Rodkin.

“Just a note to say how impressed both Ann and I are with the way this roll-out has been handled. Right from the start, we received a notification from the Department of Health confirming our registration one day after we submitted our forms to the office. And the organisation yesterday was outstanding, quick, efficient and pleasant all around. Rand Aid and the healthcare workers you had on-site need a pat on the back. Very well done! Thank you,” said John Hooper.

“The prompt action by all of you at Rand Aid meant that we were going to be at the forefront of the jab queue, having done all that non-government agencies could do to make it easy and attractive for the health authorities to deal with this site and having residents well prepared to progress through the system at speed in the necessarily orderly fashion. This has required additional thinking, planning and work on the part of Rand Aid and you ladies.

We are most impressed by the way you have very much risen to the occasion and I’m sure many other residents are too. We want you to know that this is not taken for granted and is thoroughly recognised,” said Roger and Kay Briggs.

“To the organisers of the jab, well done and thank you,” said Nick and Dee Andrew.

“We want to thank you for arranging for us to have the injections. The whole exercise was so efficient and well done and we are indeed grateful that we are living here and everything was arranged for us. Thank you so much to you and your team for organising it for us and we will be looking forward to the next ‘shot’ in a few weeks’ time. Take care and stay safe,” said Shirley and Ronnie Barclay.

“I would like to thank everyone who was involved in the vaccination procedure. It was so efficient, even at the end with a delicious cupcake,” said Beryl O’Donnell.

“I have only heard positive comments… I took photos, and my family in the USA and New Zealand are so impressed. Well done Rand Aid,” said Dr Glenda Myers.

“It gives me immense pleasure to write this appreciation letter to you and your team, which provided an outstanding experience of receiving my first shot of the vaccine. Your staff was very attentive and helpful. From the outside it looks like a walk in the park, but I am sure that working everything out beforehand required an enormous effort from all the people who were involved. Please accept my heartfelt wishes for the success of the next vaccination stage. Thank you all,” said Rita Waisberg.

Rand Aid’s Carol Garnett, pictured with Inyoni Creek resident Penny Howie.
Mark and Wendy Sachs at the Covid-19 vaccination station.
Merlin Thape from Rand Aid driving the golf cart, pictured with Rudi Webel.
Mike and Golda Brittany, pictured with nursing sister Leanie Bessinger.
Inyoni Creek residents Rosalie Melamed and Stan Rodkin pictured after receiving their Covid-19 vaccinations.

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