Carnival time at Ron Smith Care Centre

Rand Aid’s Ron Smith Care Centre’s Woodlands’ garden and recreation area was transformed into an old-fashioned carnival – complete with food and games stalls and friendly clowns on stilts – for residents to enjoy on 10 December.

The area was gaily decorated with polka dot balloons and brightly coloured bunting, and residents and staff wore bright colours and joined in on the fun.

One of the highlights was the funny clown on stilts, who entertained all with his bag of tricks. 

“The food stalls did a roaring trade as residents handed in their tickets to receive hot dogs, popcorn, candy floss and cool drinks. They also tried their hand at the games,” says Debbie Christen, Rand Aid’s manager of recreational programmes.

“It was good to see, especially the men, winding up to throw a ball into the clown’s mouth!  The fishpond stall was very popular and, just like in the olden days, guaranteed a prize for every ‘fisherman’,” she adds.

For those residents who found it easier to play from where they were sitting, the games were brought to them. In the end, everyone who participated received a prize just for trying, much to the delight of all.

“With the care centre and community having recently been put back into lockdown, the happy and carefree carnival experience in a beautiful outdoor setting was much appreciated and enjoyed by all. It also brought back fond memories of the fun and joy of carnivals past,” says Debbie.

Penelope Mthembu, Sihle Mashai, Christine Maluka & Morongwa Masalesa.
Chris Badenhorst.

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