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PAWS4U cuddles at Thembalami and MODA

PAWS4U therapy dogs and handlers recently visited Rand Aid’s Thembalami Care Centre and the Max Ordman Deaf Association to spend some quality time with the residents.

The unconditional love that dogs give, coupled with their innate sense of knowing where there is a need for comfort means that a visit from a therapy dog enables one to draw on a sense of calm, love, peace and complete acceptance of self.

“The presence of animals is calming for most people. Many of our residents have given up their pets, so this is their only connection with animals. Our residents loved spending time with them,” says Thembalami manager Esmé van der Walt.

Claude and Eileen Burn and Allan Wasserval (back).
Elizabeth Andrews.
Thembalami and MODA residents interact with the therapy dogs from PAWS4U.

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