68 years of happy marriage

Mike (93) and Golda (94) Brittany’s love story has endured for nearly 70 years of marriage.

The residents of Inyoni Creek retirement village celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary on 24 August.

Both have been very active members of the village, since moving there over a decade ago. Mike loves doing woodwork and is known for his creative bird feeders, while Golda loves doing jigsaw puzzles and reading. During the early days of the coronavirus lockdown, Mike was happy to volunteer his services to make washable cloth masks for Rand Aid staff members, while Golda worked alongside him at their dining room table on 500-piece puzzles.

Music teacher Golda and businessman Mike ran one of the first Mica stores in Gauteng for 30 years and also had other business interests.

The couple met at a wedding and that very night, Mike declared that he would one day make Golda his wife. Three years later, he slipped a ring on to her finger and they have been side by side every since. They have two children, six grandchildren and five great grandchildren.

68 years of wedded bliss… Mike and Golda Brittany.

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