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Desmond ‘Ever’Green exercises away arthritis pain

He may be 86, but Elphin Lodge Retirement Village resident Desmond Green is a master of speed walking.

So quick is he that daughter Debbie Davies battles to keep up with him – as do some of the younger participants of the over 150 parkruns he has completed at Victoria Lake in Germiston.

Desmond received recognition for his 150th parkrun on January 6. He also holds the Victoria Lake record in his age category for the fastest completion time – 42m01s, which he achieved in March 2023.

“He still frequently comes in between 43 and 45 minutes – ahead of many who are way younger than him,” says Debbie.

A resident of Rand Aid’s Elphin Lodge for just over three years, Desmond is hooked on parkruns and hardly ever misses an event, says Debbie.

Desmond is determined to keep himself as fit and healthy as possible.

“I think he finds moving as much as possible helps his arthritis. In addition to parkruns, he goes to the gym to help him stay supple and alleviate his pain. “He goes to Planet Fitness at least three times a week to work on strength exercises and stretching. He is a real inspiration to us,” says Debbie.

When it comes to technological expertise, Desmond can also keep up with the younger generations, thanks to his career as an IT manager.

“My dad is a dedicated grandad who still ferries his young granddaughter around to ballet classes, and loves attending all her performances.

“We are so very proud of him!”

Daughter Debby and her husband Ian Davies flank parkrun pro Desmond Green.

‘Ever’Green – 150 parkruns and counting.

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