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Inyoni Creek Friendship Tea

On Friday, February 14, in true Inyoni Creek style, the village’s Functions Committee and its Naked Chefs joined forces to serve breakfast ‘made with love’ to residents.

The Rand Aid retirement village hosts a friendship breakfast on Valentine’s Day each year, which includes both single people and those with a significant other.

The Naked Chefs are a group of men who decided some years ago to host village socials to encourage interaction between residents. They cook and serve hearty pub lunches on a regular basis and also happily step in to help with the catering at other functions, as they did when they assisted the Functions Committee on Valentine’s Day.

“The atmosphere was great, with about 80 residents attending,” says Inyoni Creek manager Jenny Tonkin. “After breakfast, many residents stayed on to catch up with fellow residents. It was a great success and once again, hat’s off to the team,” says Jenny.

Fransie du Toit and Ann Hooper (Functions Committee).

Neil Garden (Naked Chef), Penny Howie, Margaret Tredre and Shirley Moore (Functions Committee).

Behind the scenes… Naked Chef Dugald Paterson fries the eggs.

Marge Garden mans the front desk.

Tommy Hamilton (Naked Chef), Sally Lamb, Iris Clark and Sheena Beauchamp.

Helen and Alan Parkinson.

Arthur and Pam Hadden.

Sue and Alex van der Neut.

Norma Mc Donald, Yvonne Peterson and Val Fuller, who all live on the same street in Inyoni Creek.

Yvonne Yardley offers up a big smile.

Neighbours Shirley Pein and Thelma Matthee.

Shirley and Robert Sandison, who recently moved into Inyoni Creek.



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