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Thornhill Manor residents games for OT

New games delighted the residents of Thornhill Manor Retirement Village who belong to the Happy Chatters group when they gathered on June 3.

“We had so much fun again yesterday even though it was so cold. Vicky Keenan, one of our residents who is a retired occupational therapist and knows her way around workshop tools, spent the weekend making new games,” says village social worker Karen Griessel. “She is so creative. We are in awe of the stimulating yet fun games she comes up with.”

Karen explains that the occupational therapy games played during the Happy Chatters sessions enhance the quality of life of the group’s members.

“They focus on maintaining and improving skills and abilities promoting well-being and cognitive skills. Promoting social engagement fosters connection and reduces feelings of isolation, thus positively impacting emotional well-being. Furthermore, meaningful moments are created that spark conversation and create a sense of joy,” she says.

Margareth Magodi (caregiver and all-round helper) and Marina Sartor.

Juliet Mukasa and Margareth Magodi (caregivers), with Magot Taverner-Smith and Karen Griessel.

Margareth Magodi (caregiver and all-round helper) with Eunice Harris.

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