Bella becomes nonagenarian during COVID-19 lockdown

Bella Tworetzky, a resident of Rand Aid’s Ron Smith Care Centre, turned 90 years old on April 9, 2020 – smack bang in the middle of South Africa’s coronavirus lockdown.

Although none of her family members were able to wish her in person on the day, the staff on the River Lodge 3 wing where Bella lives did all they could to make her day special.

Cake, juice, a red rose and birthday card decorated the table when staff members gathered to wish her happy birthday.

Photos taken on the day were sent to Bella’s family members, so they could feel included.

Daughter Nadine responded:

Thank you so much.

We are so overwhelmed by the amazing care, concern and goodwill that is being shown to our precious mom.

We really salute all your efforts and the gracious warmth and care shown to our mom, albeit we are new arrivals.

Thank you one and all

May you all merit to continue in the wonderful work you so selflessly do.

As soon as lockdown is over, we shall come and thank you all in person

Best wishes

Nadine Kramer and Eve Samson and families.

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