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Nonagenarian is no stranger to live-altering global events

When Sylvia Lasarow turned 92 on April 14, 2020, it was in the middle of the national coronavirus lockdown and her loved ones were unable to be with her. However, Rand Aid’s Ron Smith Care Centre, where Sylvia lives, made sure that her birthday did not slip quietly by.

Although social distancing protocols had to be applied, a birthday tea was hosted for her.

Born in England, Sylvia has lived through a number of global events that altered life drastically, just as the coronavirus is doing. Most notable was World War II. She remembers gas mask drills being held daily while she was at school. Her family was evacuated from Plymouth where they lived – which was a major naval base – to the moors in Torquay to escape the bombings.

Sylvia – who lost husband Peter when he was just 43 – was a passionate Stroke Aid volunteer for 19 years. “I was also delighted to work with underprivileged children and children with learning disabilities at an early learning centre.”

Before moving to the care centre over four years ago, she lived at Rand Aid’s Inyoni Creek retirement village.

World War II shaped the life of Ron Smith Care Centre resident Sylvia Lasarow (92) and today, she is living through the coronavirus.

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