Jenny is a mask-making machine

Prolific mask-maker Jenny Sella has made around 100 masks over the past month for the staff of NPO Rand Aid, which runs Elphin Lodge, the retirement village where Jenny lives.

Rand Aid, which has four retirement villages, two care centres and a rehab centre, started an initiative to get residents of the villages to make masks for around 450 staff members. The response from all the villages has been phenomenal, with over 670 masks already made for approximately 450 staff members.

“When our call went out for masks, Jenny was the first to avail herself to make masks for Ron Smith Care Centre,” says the care centre’s Sr Leanie Bessinger. “She and another Elphin Lodge resident, Barbara Malan, have been our main contributors. They have made so many masks that I could issue two masks each to the 180 staff members at Elphin Lodge retirement village and Ron Smith Care Centre.

“And they are still making masks. Every time I get back to the office, I find a pile of masks either from Jenny or Barbara. They have really gone out of their way to assist us.”

Elphin Lodge resident and prolific mask-maker Jenny Sella.

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