WhatsApp groups bring families together

Rand Aid’s caring staff members have made life a little brighter for residents of the Ron Smith Care Centre.

WhatsApp groups have been started on each of the care centre’s wings to keep families updated about the well-being of their loved ones during the coronavirus lockdown when visitors are not permitted access to the care centre.

The families are very appreciative and have started sharing photos of themselves with their loved ones. One family member messaged: ‘Many thanks for this thoughtful initiative. We are so grateful for any news of our beloved and desperately missed mom’.

Sister Tando Ncube and Debbie Christen, Manager: Recreational Programmes, were instrumental in starting the group on the Lakeside wing.

“We started the group by sending out our first video slideshow, which had a ‘Everything Grows with Love’ theme and included a photo of each individual resident with a loving message for their family. There was also a photo of staff, holding up a message that said: ‘We are devoted to each and every person in our Lakeside family. Keep safe until we meet again’.

“The response from families has been heartwarming. One family member said: ‘Thank you for all your incredible commitment to caring for our family!  What a beautiful video – thank you!’ Another responded: ‘Lovely video and staff photo! Thank you all so much for your dedication, caring and love you give to our loved ones. Very emotional to see, but thank you!

On Mother’s Day, families posted their greetings to their loved ones and staff sent out another video, which included clips of individual residents responding with loving messages of their own. Every single family sent their thanks and appreciation. ‘Thank you, Lakeside staff for the fantastic video and allowing us to share Mother’s Day with our special moms and allowing us to join in, even though we are not there. You are all very special to us,” was one response.

“We are generating a lot of love and gratitude through the various WhatsApp groups and they have become a wonderful platform for residents, families and staff on which to interact,” says Debbie.

Ron Smith Care Centre resident Sylvia Lasarow with a loving message for her family.

This is the message staff members shared with the families of residents.

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