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Lockdown Fun Awards lift staff morale

The staff of Rand Aid’s care centres and retirement villages were at work throughout Level Five of the national coronavirus lockdown. During these uncertain times, they have committed themselves to ensuring the wellbeing of the residents of the retirement villages and care centres.

With many stringent health and safety protocols implemented and high levels of anxiety, one of Rand Aid’s four retirement villages decided that staff needed a way to destress and boost morale.

Employees Neeri Stroebel and Loshan Naidoo took the initiative to start a Friday meal for the office support staff of Elphin Lodge and the Ron Smith Care Centre.

On Friday, May 8, fun awards were also presented at the get-together. “Each person in the office received an award, medal and certificate bearing the nickname bestowed on them,” says charge professional nurse Sr Leanie Bessinger.

“This is a great initiative. It lifts the spirits in the office, which is so important during these challenging times.”

Elphin Lodge complex manager Helen Petrie enjoys the occasion.

Some of the fun awards that were presented.

Loshan Naidoo preparing the mince for the cottage pie.

A piping hot cottage pie, courtesy of Neeri Stroebel (pictured) and Loshan Naidoo.

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