Linda’s 90th birthday celebration a hit!

Max Ordman Deaf Association (MODA) resident Linda Webb celebrated her 90th birthday on 12 April.

Linda was a resident of MODA before it relocated from the Colonel Rowland Home to Rand Aid Association’s Thembalami Care Centre, in Lombardy East, on 21 June 2017.

Even though Linda’s daughter, Aletta Cromberge, lives in America, she arranged with nursing sister Helen Gayley, the former manager of MODA, to buy platters and cold drinks for Linda’s special day. Helen also bought her a 90th birthday helium balloon and a happy birthday banner to make her birthday even more special.

Linda’s long-time friends, Hennie and Trible Jordaan, visited her on her birthday and brought her a beautiful orange cake. They also arranged a video call between Linda and Aletta.

“MODA’s residents all came together to celebrate with Linda and they thoroughly enjoyed the eats,” says MODA manager Esme van der Walt.

Linda was married for 46 years to a hearing man, who sadly passed away from a heart attack. She never remarried.

Linda’s daughter has been living in America for 50 years and Linda has been to visit seven times during this period. While she has twin grandsons, who were born in America in November 2020, Linda has not met them yet. “I am very proud to be a grandmother,” she says.

“I really enjoyed my birthday celebration,” says Linda.

MODA manager Esme van der Walt celebrating Linda Webb’s 90th birthday with her.

Linda Webb enjoyed her 90th birthday celebration!

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