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SANCA Wedge Gardens’ team members bond

SANCA Wedge Gardens’ team recently celebrated ‘who we are’ at a team-building exercise facilitated by Nanette Minnaar from Kaleidoscope.

The employees took part in numerous exercises during the workshop, including sharing their personal values and who they are striving to be.

They then discussed these insights and what they mean in their place of work.

“Dividing into groups, we brainstormed how Wedge Gardens is different to other rehab centres, came up with a list of what our core values should be, and what symbols should be used to represent them,” says SANCA Wedge Gardens’ manager Adèl Grobbelaar.

“Common themes among the groups’ values were that ‘we are family’, ‘we provide hope’, ‘we provide a professional service’, ‘we focus on personal growth’ and ‘we are unique and caring’,” she adds

The winning image, a butterfly, will be used to make bookmarks and posters, which will be put up at the rehab centre.

“Having the butterfly in sight will be a constant reminder of our core values and ensure we remain accountable for our actions,” says Adèl.

“Each staff member made various commitments to Wedge Gardens and made notes of what they want to achieve,” she adds.

Adèl Grobbelaar, Frank Vandrau, Petunia Tsabalala, Dikaledi Molepo and Lucas Tsikonwane.

Carryn Berman, Rebecca Nkabi and Philani Khumalo.

Lydia Masko, Emily Lebopa, Estelle Raath and Amanda van Staden.

Thuli Dlamini, Petrus Nkoana, Hlumela Anderson and Doron Zar.

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