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Come relax and unwind at Café on the Creek

Covid-19 had devastating effects on lives, livelihoods and businesses, including Lyn Duarte and Thali Rogolsky’s six-year-old events business which came to a grinding halt.

Thali often visited her grandmother, who was at Rand Aid’s Ron Smith Care Centre recovering from a fall, and identified the need to buy groceries for and support other residents.

When she realised the potential of starting a coffee shop at Rand Aid’s Inyoni Creek retirement village, she approached management with a proposal.

“Inyoni Creek jumped at the opportunity as a coffee shop at our clubhouse, overlooking the stunning dam, has been on our bucket list for some time,” says Inyoni Creek manager Jenny Tonkin.

Café on the Creek took shape quickly and officially opened its doors to Inyoni Creek residents and their guests, and all other Rand Aid retirement village residents on 15 April.

While Lynn runs the kitchen, Thali takes care of the frontline!

“Residents and their families are very excited about the new venture and are so happy to be able to meet their families in such a beautiful environment, without even having to leave the village. It’s so good to go down to the clubhouse, enjoy the vibe and share in the laughter and fellowship at Café of the Creek,” says Tonkin.  

Meals can be eaten at the café or Inyoni Creek residents can order takeaways which will be delivered directly to their door.

As for the future, the dynamic duo hope to introduce ‘cocktail hour’ and other activities soon.

Visit Café on the Creek Tuesday to Saturday, from 09h30 to 15h00. The coffee shop has an a la carte menu and a ‘meal of the day’. The menu will change every month, to keep delighting customers.

Congratulations to Inyoni Creek resident Sue Benjamin who took part in the competition to name Café on the Creek. Sue enjoyed a free lunch at the coffee shop as a tasty reward.

Sue Benjamin (right) enjoying her free lunch with Iris Clark (left) and Sally Lamb (middle).
From left to right – Lorraine van Zijl, Marie van der Merwe, Sheena Beauchamp and Hans Miekautch at the coffee shop’s opening.
Arthur and Pam Hadden at Café on the Creek.
Mark and Wendy Sachs enjoying Café on the Creek.
Tarentaal staff members Ulricka Beukman, Laetitia Goosen and Tammy Neilson enjoying lunch.

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