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Golda and Mike celebrate 69 married years

Golda and Mike Britany celebrate 69 married years.

Inyoni Creek residents Mike and Golda Britany, both in their early 90s, celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary at Café on the Creek, with a few close friends, on 24 August.

The couple met at a wedding, where Mike told Golda that same evening that he was going to marry her!

Mike and Golda were married at a Shul in Greenside and had their reception in a hall attached to the Shul. Mike lived in Greenside at the time.  

“We both worked hard together all our lives, with no disagreements,” the couple agrees.

Their recipe for a successful marriage is communication. “It’s critical,” says Mike. “We discussed everything – bad or good,” says Golda.

The couple have two children, six grandchildren and eight great grandchildren. “They all say that we are an example to them and they look up to us,” says Golda.

Mike and Golda moved to Inyoni Creek retirement village 12 years ago.

“We have made wonderful friendships through the years… The people are wonderful here,” says Golda. “It is a beautiful place, but it’s the people who are amazing,” adds Mike.

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