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Easter eggs-travaganza at RSCC

Hard-boiled eggs for dyeing in a wash of food colouring, delicious chocolate eggs for winning in games and competitions, vibrant speckled eggs to be admired and eaten as cupcake decorations, and marshmallow eggs to be enjoyed on Easter Sunday.

The highlight of Easter month was the special tea held in the Recreation Centre on March 20. Residents and staff were welcomed as they came through the door and an Easter hat was placed on their head by one of the visiting Wits medical students. The colourful hats were created during several arts and crafts sessions at the Rec Centre, in preparation for the tea.

The tables were decorated with pots of sunflowers and dyed Easter eggs nestled in straw baskets.  The programme opened with a few interesting facts about some of the traditions of Easter and how they started, followed by a Bunny Hop Easter game that involved several chances to win chocolate easter eggs! The morning ended with tea and specially baked and decorated Easter cupcakes which were pronounced delicious.

Friday, March 22, saw the staff from each of the six wings helping the residents search for chocolate Easter eggs, which were hidden in the surrounding garden areas. The residents were as delighted as children each time they spotted the colourful foil-wrapped eggs and could not wait to taste the delicious treats! The care centre is full of chocoholics!

For extra fun, residents who found a picture of a bunny rabbit with a special Easter greeting were presented with a chocolate bunny. These are the winners from each wing:

River Lodge 1 – Josephine Kew

River Lodge 2 – Joy Smith

River Lodge 3 – Schalk Grobler

Woodlands – Ria Milburn

Cedar Park – Mavis Brookes

Lakeside – Rhona Burnham

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