Thembalami celebrates Heritage Day

Rand Aid’s Thembalami Care Centre celebrated Heritage Day in style, over two days, on 23 and 24 September.

The frail care centre’s staff formed groups, according to their culture, and each group prepared a dish that all employees enjoyed together.

“The staff went all out. The groups prepared pap, chicken feet, mopani worms, chicken curry and dumplings, to name a few, and our residents enjoyed milk tart, cake and malva pudding with their tea,” says Thembalami’s Elize Raath.

“The staff entertained our residents, dancing the afternoon away.One of the residents was visited by two family members, who took a video of the celebration to send abroad to show other family members what was happening,” she adds.

It was a lovely way to celebrate Heritage Day and was enjoyed by all.

Shirley Sibeko, Pretty Malope and resident Michiel Lombard.
Gloria Rachibedi, Luvhwani Luvhengo, Irene Sahesa and resident Lynn Cowin.

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