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Flowers are meant to be shared, not locked away

Bright, beautiful blooms were donated to Rand Aid’s Ron Smith Care Centre by Anthony Schäffler from Schäffler’s Garden Nursery and Landscaping.

Anthony said the plants would not thrive unattended in his nursery during the national coronavirus lockdown. Instead of leaving them to flower in a locked nursery where no-one would see their beauty, he chose to give them to the care centre.

“He said that he’s giving them to us to be used to bring a bit of happiness to our Elders,” says Rand Aid’s Debbie Christen, the Manager of Recreational Programmes.

“A beautiful purple orchid is already earmarked for resident Kitty Venn who celebrates her 103rd birthday on April 5. Other flowering plants will be gifted to our residents who will appreciate the beautifying of their rooms and the cheer the flowers will bring.

“A large crate of red and green succulents is designated for a garden area between two of the care centre wings and will bring joy to all who see them.

“Plants and flowers are always welcome at the care centre, especially for those residents who rarely receive gifts of this kind.  Thanks to Anthony for his thoughtful kindness,” says Debbie

Anthony Schäffler from Schäffler’s Garden Nursery and Landscaping with some of the beautiful plants he donated to Ron Smith Care Centre during the coronavirus lockdown.

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