Happy Chatty Walkers place their bets

Thornhill Manor’s Happy Chatty Walkers spent an exciting morning taking part in a horse racing derby, after their walk.

Each participant had a horse, with a number at the back, and each was given six chocolates to use to place their bet on the horse they thought would win. They placed their bet by putting a chocolate on a plate and choosing the number of the horse they thought would win. Turns were then taken to roll a dice and move their horse that number of blocks on the ‘race track’.

The person who backed the winning horse at the end of each race, received all the betting chocolates.

Tons of fun was had by all!

The horse racing players were, from left: Lee Schierenberg, Margot Tavener-Smith, Juliet Muksasa, Margaret Dempster, Vicky Keenan, Val Tyrteos, Prisca Dlamini, Anna Ramsay and Angela Webster.

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