Art is fun at Thornhill Manor!

Brenda Bromfield brought a breath of fresh air to Thornhill Manor’s artistic community with her proposal of an art workshop in the hall.

Inspiring residents to unleash their creative side, Brenda is encouraging beginners to join Thornhill Manor’s art group. She can help with some starter materials, such as paint and brushes, and artists can work in the style or medium of their choice.

Art became a hobby when Brenda became a mom, and a wide variety of art courses, presented by renowned artists such as Dale Elliot, turned Brenda into a serious artist. Many artists have influenced her work, including Elliot, Louis Aude and Sue Dickenson.

Brenda has exhibited and sold her work at various exhibitions and started ‘Art in the Park’ at Flamingo Dam, where artists used to exhibit and sell their work. She has moved from realism to impressionism and usually features people in her art.

The art group meets at Thornhill Manor’s hall on Mondays, from 10am to 12pm. Join the group, and have some fun!

Rosemary Barnes, Brenda Bromfield and Maisie Walters display two works by Rosemary.

Ken England works in watercolour. His current work is taken from a photograph near St. Margaret’s Bay in England. He has fond memories of the pub nearby.

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