Thornhill’s Sundowner Club a hit!

The response to Thornhill Manor’s Sundowner Club relaunch on 27 October was phenomenal, with a full house in line with Covid-19 protocols.

The Sundowner Club will meet on again Wednesday, 24 November, and on Wednesday, 8 December.

Happy hour Wednesdays!

In addition to the Sundowner Club, a new weekly ‘Happy Hour’ with liquid refreshments will take place on Wednesdays from 5:30pm (except for Wednesdays when the Sundowner Club meets). No bookings required. Just roll up, have some liquid refreshment and chat.

Out and about at the Sundowner Club gathering were Anita Sturtzel, Bernadette Hunkeler, Joachim and Ursula Kaminske and Olwin Kustner.
Barbara Damstra and Shirley Gooch enjoying their time at the Sundowner Club.
Helene Taylor, Evelyn and Gavin Kendall, Rob Taylor and Johannes and Denise Liversage at the Sundowner Club gathering.

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