Inyoni Creek holds its 50th Residents’ Committee meeting

Rand Aid’s Inyoni Creek retirement village reached another milestone on 24 May, when it held its 50th Residents’ Committee meeting.

The meeting was attended by 60 Inyoni Creek residents, who enjoyed watching a slideshow of the village’s activities and events that were held over the past three months.

Pam Hadden, Peter Philip and Craig Mansell.
Sixty residents attended Inyoni Creek’s 60th Residents’ Committee meeting.
Clive Cubitt, committee member Mel Stamelman and Barry Black.
Jeandre Dukes, Chris Patterson and Lyn Hood.
Shirley and John Sandison.
Stella and Arnold Granville.
Inyoni Creek Residents’ Committee chairman Graham Brokenshire.
Inyoni Creek Residents’ Committee treasurer Peter Moore.

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