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Hannie retires after 16 years’ service to Rand Aid

Sister Hannie

Hannie Combrink, a much-loved loyal and dedicated nursing sister at Rand Aid’s Inyoni Creek retirement village, will retire at the end of June after 16 years’ service to the organisation.

Hannie was employed as an enrolled nurse at Ron Smith Care Centre’s River Lodge 1 in 2006. At the time, she also assisted as a village sister at Thornhill Manor, Tarentaal and Elphin Lodge.

She then completed the bridging course, became a professional nurse and applied successfully to become Inyoni Creek’s village sister in August 2007.

Hannie plans to still serve the community during her retirement years. “The experience I gained during my career at Rand Aid has put me in good stead,” she says.

During her time at Rand Aid, she loved interacting with her colleagues and being available to residents for support and encouragement during their time of need.

“The visits to the cottages were so special and, over time, I formed a special bond with my residents and staff,” says Hannie.

“There were so many special moments. Coming to work was special, as was talking to residents, laughing and crying with them,” she adds.

Inyoni Creek’s manager Jenny Tonkin says Hannie is loved by all of Inyoni Creek’s residents for her nursing skills and her happy, positive disposition.

“She always has a smile and a laugh ready, which is good for residents’ mental and physical health. Residents report that just going to the clinic makes them feel better,” says Jenny.

“It was an honour to work for Rand Aid and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to be part of the organisation,” says Hannie.

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