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Betty’s 90th birthday, a great celebration

Birthdays signify the journey we’ve travelled and, for Betty Pearl, 4 July marked her ninth decade.

An Inyoni Creek retirement village resident, Betty celebrated her 90th birthday with her loved ones at a party hosted by her daughter at her Oaklands home.

The celebration brought Betty’s expansive South African family – including three daughters, seven grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren – together. Despite the sheer size of her family, Betty ensured that her close friends from Inyoni Creek were also in attendance.

Betty started a new chapter when she moved to Inyoni Creek in 2022. She says she loves her cottage. “It’s warm and lovely and I feel safe here. I like taking part in the activities and I have quite a lot of friends.”

She remains an active participant in the vibrant rhythm of Inyoni and her calendar is filled with activities that ignite her spark, including Probus meetings, bingo afternoons, birthday teas and lunches held at the Inyoni clubhouse. Her plans to resume biokinetics when her back recovers demonstrate her determination and zest for life.

Betty says her greatest achievement is that she has the ‘most wonderful family’. “I said to my husband, just from the two of us, look what we have made… An enormous family and they still surround us,” says Betty.

Sadly, her husband passed away as a result of Covid-19 in 2021.

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