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Poster girl for active ageing

Billie Sack, Inyoni Creek’s oldest resident, turned 96 on June 9, 2020.

A resident of the Rand Aid retirement village for 11 years, she is not only the most senior person in the village but also one of the more active.

She is known in the village as the bridge teacher and has for years taught fellow residents how to play the game. When the lockdown restrictions are relaxed, Billie looks forward to once again explaining bids, tricks and trumps to new players.

Billie played golf at Kyalami Golf Course and bowls at the Houghton Bowls Club, which she represented in four national events. She loves to bake, play bridge, do crossword puzzles every morning and took up painting in her 80s. Her other passions are gardening and sewing.

At the start of the lockdown, Billie made masks for her whole family.

She hails from Pretoria and has her LTCL ( licentiate of Trinity College of London) in music, speech and drama. For years, Billie taught shorthand at a commercial college in Pretoria.

She and husband Sokkie Sack, who sadly passed away some years ago, had three daughters – two live in Toronto, Canada, while Aviva is just around the corner in Johannesburg. She has eight grandchildren and 18 great grandchildren.

Billie’s birthday was celebrated at a Zoom party, which consisted of 40 members of her immediate family from Toronto, Los Angeles and South Africa.

Youthful nonagenarian Billie Sack on her 96th birthday.

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