Scones served with a side order of camaraderie

Even though South Africa has moved to Alert Level Two of the national coronavirus lockdown, Rand Aid’s Inyoni Creek retirement village continues to follow social distancing guidelines.

When resident Dugald Paterson and friends decided to serve freshly baked scones with strawberry jam and cream to the Inyoni Creek community on 19 August, it was agreed that the treats would be available as take-aways instead of being enjoyed together in the village clubhouse.

Although friends and neighbours did not get to make a morning of it as normal, there was some level of interaction as people popped in and out to collect their teatime treats and the sense of community for which Inyoni Creek is known was as warm and comforting as the scones themselves.

Over 200 scones were baked by Dugald and fellow residents Denise Simonson and Tommy Hamilton.

Inyoni Creek residents Pam Barden, Noreen Strand, Sheena Beauchamp and Ann Foster get their scones while they are fresh.

Denise Simonson, Dugald Paterson and Tommy Hamilton baked over 200 scones.

Alan Parkinson and Fransie du Preez, who marked off names as people collected their ordered scones.

Tommy Hamilton delivers another tray of freshly baked scones, while resident Jenny Cubitt slathers her order with butter, jam and cream.

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