Elphin Lodge showcases its many activities

Rand Aid retirement village Elphin Lodge residents were as busy as bees in a blooming garden on Saturday, October 10, when they held a spring morning gathering to showcase the many activities undertaken at the village.

People set up in the hall, with each display serving to attract residents to join the various groups or incite their own creativity.

“It was an opportunity for resident to enjoy a morning in our lovely gardens, meet and greet fellow residents and find out what activities are available for villagers. They were able to sign up as a volunteer, join a committee or indicate their desire to participate in a village activity or service,” says Elphin Lodge manager Helen Petrie.

The village’s on-site coffee shop, Elphino’s, was open for tea, coffee and cake.

Diego Sella is a Men’s Shed frequenter who assists in organising the industrious group of villagers who love getting down and dirty in the Rand Aid workshop. He displayed a beautifully boxed pull-along toy.

June Branthwaite, whose artwork is greatly admired.

Carol Barker and Sybil van Aardt (organiser) are active villagers who help with social activities.

Denise Sheryl and Ed John, who supply homemade goodies.

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