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To China and back – from an armchair

Sarah Richards accepts a spring roll with sweet chili sauce from Debbie Christen. Care worker Lungile Mhlongo (back to camera) wore her special panda shirt for the occasion.


Ron Smith Care Centre’s River Lodge 2 residents had the opportunity to ‘travel’ to China on Friday, October 9, when it was their turn to experience the Armchair Travel Series on their residential wing.

They particularly enjoyed the introductory session to Tai Chi and found the movements to be relaxing and peaceful.

They also  enjoyed the informative videos on aspects of China, especially the ones about the panda bears and the Terracotta Warriors. The residents and staff did an excellent job in learning how to say some simple words and phrases in Cantonese and had great fun learning how to use chopsticks. They were fiercely competitive in the Chopstick Challenge, where they had to transfer all their sweets into a bowl, using their chopsticks, as quickly as possible. There was lots of laughter as the sweets kept slipping and sliding across the table, and hilarious video clips show some residents resorting to flicking the sweets into the bowl or using their other hand to put the sweets between the chopsticks!

The highlight of the morning, though, was definitely the freshly cooked spring rolls, which were enjoyed by all. The plates were scraped clean, with not a bit of sauce or a morsel of spring roll left!

All in all, a most enjoyable  morning was had by all.

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