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Quicker internet for Inyoni Creek residents

Inyoni Creek is joining the migration to fibre connectivity.

Fibre internet connections are becoming increasingly popular in South Africa as infrastructure continues to roll out and users migrate from ADSL and LTE lines.

“Our residents experienced the same challenges as other users of ADSL and LTE, including slow connection speeds and weather interruptions,” says Inyoni Creek manager Jenny Tonkin.

“We had a number of fibre queries both from existing residents and potential purchasers.

“Fibre-optic main cables have now been laid underground in the village by SA Digital Villages and cables will be run to homes that sign up for the service,” says Jenny, explaining that the telecommunications operator and internet service provider used specialises in the installation, operation and maintenance of last mile fibre optic networks.

“We started researching the process about 18 months ago in response to requests from residents and Telkom’s imminent transition from copper-based technology to wireless. We had to find a way to cater to the needs of our residents and started investigating our options.

“Unfortunately, many fibre suppliers felt that there would not be sufficient uptake in a retirement village. Eventually, one of our residents, Peter Tredre, who was helping us drive the project, approached SA Digital Villages and they agreed to meet with us.

“After a presentation by them and a survey among our residents indicating their interest in fibre, SA Digital Villages proceeded to go ahead with the installation in October last year,” explains Jenny.

An information workshop was held by Vox for residents on February 4, at which residents were given the opportunity to sign up for fibre on the same day.

A Vox representative (left) discusses fibre options with Inyoni Creek resident Gunther Kruger.

Residents Dr Arnold Granville and Mike Edwards at the fibre Q&A session.

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