Thornhill Manor celebrates Arbor Day

Thornhill Manor retirement village recently celebrated Arbor Month and Arbor Day by planting an Olive Tree, which was kindly donated by Servest.

Wendy Hunt, the village’s Garden Club Chairperson, gave a short speech before all who attended had their turn put soil on the tree.

Wendy also arranged a lovely tea and cake, which was enjoyed after the planting.

“Forests and trees play a crucial role in reducing the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, absorbing the equivalent of roughly two billion tons of carbon dioxide each year,” says Jackie Scott, Thornhill Manor’s deputy manager.

“President Cyril Ramaphosa has called for the planting of 10 million trees in South Africa, over the next five years. This means we should aim for at least two million trees every year.  The target is not only for the Department Forestry, but the public in general. Let’s do our bit to save our planet and preserve it for generations to come,” she adds.

Wendy Hunt, in front of many Thornhill Manor residents and garden club members, with Thornhill deputy manager Jackie Scott.

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