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Shelly gets an unexpected visitor!

Inyoni Creek resident Shelly Sherwood recently had an unexpected visitor in her home – a rock kestrel!

According to the African Raptor Centre, rock kestrels are the most common of the small Falconidaes in southern Africa, and although commonly seen in the dry semi-arid to arid areas, they are most often seen in rocky mountainous habitat. Hence their name.

You may see this little kestrel perched up on electricity poles along the roadside, where it’ll be looking for any unsuspecting prey walking past on the ground below. If there is no tall object to perch on, they will ‘create their own’ by hovering in the air to inspect the ground below.

If they happen to see a tasty morsel they will parachute down holding both of their wings back behind their back to enable them to drop at a greater speed. Prey is caught on the ground and they feed mainly on small mammals, birds, insects and reptiles.

Shelly Sherwood with the rock kestrel, just before releasing it.

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