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COVID-19: Rand Aid reacts proactively

Rand Aid Association has been proactive and many of the COVID-19 mitigation measures that have been implemented over the past few weeks are aligned with the conditions prescribed by the national lockdown.

“Rand Aid will continue operating during the lockdown. Our management, medical, care and catering teams have a duty to our residents and we will continue to do everything in our power to keep them healthy, minimise the risk of infection and see this through together,” says CEO Peter Quinn.

While the villages and care centres have been in virtual lockdown since Monday, 16 March, Peter says that any additional lockdown requirements that may be communicated by government will be put into immediate effect.

“We are thankful that there are no COVID-19 infections at Rand Aid. Measures are in place for self-isolation for those residents who have recently been overseas or think they may have been in contact with someone from a high-risk country, as well as anyone who feels unwell.

“Protocols are also in place should a resident test positive for the virus,” he affirms.

“Our staff members are fully committed as healthcare workers to continue looking after our residents, especially those made vulnerable by their frailty or underlying medical conditions.”

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