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Music to the ears!

In July 2011, a small group of Inyoni Creek residents met at the Inyoni Creek Clubhouse to enjoy an hour of singing together. The driving force behind the initiative was resident Tildy Eberhard.

A selection of popular songs were chosen and Sue Benjamin and Tildy produced the group’s first song book.

The group used the upright piano that was tucked away in a corner of the clubhouse, which was somewhat of a challenge because the pianist faced the wall rather than the singers.

After a few months, Tildy and Sue suggested that the group put on a show and so the Inyoni Singers was born. The group’s motto is ‘We sing for fun’. Soon after, a digital Yamaha keyboard was acquired for the Clubhouse.

Since 2011, the Inyoni Singers have produced four or five Sunday afternoon shows using a variety of music from the 50s and 60s, including favourites from musicals such as My Fair Lady and The Sound of Music. These shows have been great fun, with the audience being encouraged to join in and sing some of the songs.

Tildy and Sue ensured that the words displayed were on a big screen and these were accompanied by beautiful, colourful pictures that added that extra something!

Over the years, the Inyoni Singers have appealed for donations from people attending the various performances and, in this way, have managed to provide teaching aids and learning materials for a nursery and pre-school in Alexandra.

The money donated at the last two Christmas celebrations hosted by the Inyoni Singers was donated to Hospice, Edenvale.

The singers have enriched many hearts with their love of singing and sense of fun and their concert in December 2019 was no exception – with a wonderful show culminating in a grand tea.

Special thanks to everyone who gives of their time and expertise to make each musical  presentation run smoothly.

The Inyoni Singers, which consists of residents from both Inyoni Creek and Tarentaal Village.

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