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Visit Rand Aid’s all-new website

Rand Aid has revealed its slick side, with a brand-new website offering current and prospective residents and frail care and rehab clients all the information they need to know about the non-profit organisation.

“While Rand Aid has entrenched itself as one of South Africa’s leading retirement, frail care and rehab facilities over the past century, there’s certainly nothing ‘old’ about our new, modern and easy to navigate website,” says Rand Aid CEO Peter Quinn.

“It not only provides visitors with all the information they need about our life right retirement villages, frail care centres and substance abuse treatment centre for men, but also offers easy access, via links, to other organisations that specialise in various medical conditions, from diabetes and arthritis to cancer and more,” he adds.

While providing valuable information to visitors is the website’s core aim, it also tells the story of Rand Aid’s legacy over the years, is kept updated with frequent news from all of the organisation’s facilities, and provides a safe and easy way to donate to the Rand Aid cause of your choice online.

Visit the website at to learn everything you need to know about the organisation and its unique business model, which enables it to sustainably care for Elders and others in need. And, while you are online, visit its Facebook page @RandAidAssociation and give it the thumbs up by liking the page.

If you are not yet part of the Rand Aid family, the new website will certainly make you think about becoming part of its caring, dynamic and connected community.

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