Cool cats all glammed up

No one is sure if Jill Jones or Annie-Cat was the copy-cat but on September 15, they both looked like the cat that got the cream after enjoying separate pamper sessions.

The ladies emerged with Cheshire Cat grins as they showed off their manicured nails and claws and groomed hair and fur.

After seeing the pair in all their splendour, no one at Rand Aid’s Ron Smith Care Centre in Lyndhurst – where both Jill and her beloved Annie live, would dream of even thinking ‘Look what the cat dragged in’.

Jill had her nails done by care worker Busi Nxumalo, while Jolly Dog Spa came to the care centre to groom Annie, who purred contentedly as she was brushed and fussed over.

“Normally, when I brush Annie, she only tolerates it for a few minutes and then growls and runs away!” says Jill, who was delighted that Annie enjoyed her spa session.

Jill has been a RSCC resident for five years and ever since she moved in, she had wanted a cat.

Annie was a rescue cat, who used to live in the storeroom of a bottle store. She was rescued by a member of the community and when management of the care centre found out that the cat needed a home, they immediately thought of Jill, who they knew had hankered after a feline friend for years.

Jill was overjoyed when approached by management and asked if she would like to adopt the stray.

Part of the Eden Alternative philosophy, which RSCC follows, is that residents should have the opportunity to enjoy close relationships and connections with animals.

The pair have a very close bond and Jill has always said what a blessing Annie-Cat is to her. “We are family!”

Jill and Annie together again after each enjoying a relaxing spa session.

Jill Jones thrilled with the manicure given by care worker Busi Nxumalo.

Annie enjoying her pedicure!

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