Water babes keep fit and healthy

A long-time resident of Rand Aid’s Thornhill Manor retirement village, Jenny Cruickshank gives interested villagers a total body workout twice a week, putting smiles on faces and keeping them lithe and supple.

Jenny is a trained physiotherapist who is passionate about water aerobics as an exercise for older persons because water acts as a support to joints and provides resistance to muscles. 

After the long months of the coronavirus lockdown, some village activities are once again taking place, including Jenny’s water aerobics.

Jenny Cruickshank (front) puts Shirley Gooch, Kay Spence, Dale Cherrington, Maryke Ewen, Jenny Carliell, Maria Gschnaidtner and
Erna Bird through their paces.

“The class is very popular and the residents who attend reap the benefits of cardiovascular exercise and muscle strengthening. Water aerobics is especially beneficial to those living with mobility, weight and pain challenges – but is also a great way for everyone to keep fit,” says Thornhill Manor deputy manager Jackie Scott.

Lessons are held twice a week in the village pool. 

Thornhill Manor, situated in Modderfontein, Johannesburg, in country-like surroundings, has two two-bedroom homes for sale. If you wish to join in on the fun, get healthy and meet new people who are like-minded, please contact Esme or Jackie at 011 608 2480 or email jscott@randaid.co.za

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