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COVID-19 vaporised at Thornhill Manor

Thornhill Manor resident Rudi Waage (pictured) takes up arms against the coronavirus. After extensive research, the village committee of the Rand Aid-run retirement village in Modderfontein decided to purchase an industrial fogger to sterilise communal areas. The fogger vaporises hypochlorous acid into very fine droplets, which then settle on surfaces and evaporates within a minute or two. “Hypochlorous acid is the perfect weapon to fight germs and viruses, like the coronavirus,” says village manager Esme Erasmus. “It is totally safe for humans and does not leave a residue on surfaces, yet its action is far stronger than bleach. It is widely used in hospitals and even fresh produce sections in grocery stores. To make our village safer, we sanitise the offices, nurses station, snooker room, chapel and any other areas deemed necessary,” she says.

For further information regarding the village, please contact Jackie Scott or Esme Erasmus at 011 608 2480 or email

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