Happy 98th birthday Billie

Inyoni Creek resident Billie Sack celebrated her 98th birthday with friends and family on 9 June 2022.

Billie, pictured with some of her great-grandchildren, baked her own birthday cake.
Billie and her daughters. Aviva lives in South Africa and Laura flew in from Toronto to celebrate with her mom.
Shaun Victor, Inyoni Creek’s social worker; Jenny Tonkin, Inyoni Creek manager; Billie Sack, Inyoni’s Creek’s oldest resident who recently celebrated her 98th birthday; Sister Hannie Combrink, Inyoni Creek village sister; and Marinda Looyen, Inyoni Creek deputy manager.
Fany Bauman, Thali Rogalsky (Café on the Creek) and Jean Gatlick celebrated Billie’s birthday with her.

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