Thembalami Care Centre hosts Wellness Day

Rand Aid’s Thembalami Care Centre successfully hosted its first Wellness Day on February 13, in partnership with Antoinette van Niekerk from Retire at Home.

The Rand Aid care centre, which incorporates the Max Ordman Deaf Association,  decided to host the event to empower their residents to take charge of their health, by providing a platform for the exchange of knowledge and to raise awareness of the health services and aids that are available.

“Good health is crucial to a person’s quality of life and we want our residents to know what services and products are available to meet their health challenges,” says Thembalami manager Esme van der Walt.

Invited healthcare partners gave short talks and had the opportunity to showcase their products and services.

Among the participants were Alzheimer’s SA, Ability Assist, Kind 2 Hearing, Lombaard and Partners, Martin’s Funerals and Critical Care Society of South Africa.

Nursing staff from Pick n Pay Pharmacies were on hand to do blood sugar and blood pressure tests and Kind 2 Hearing offered free hearing tests.

Thembalami Care Centre hosted its first Wellness Day on February 13.


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