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Smiles from across the miles

Beautiful hand-made Mother’s Day collages containing special messages from loved ones and family photos made hearts soar at Thembalami Care Centre.

The staff at the Rand Aid care centre – which incorporates the Max Ordman Deaf Association (MODA) – emailed all family members who have mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers and friends at Thembalami and MODA, asking that they send photos and a heartfelt Mother’s Day message.

These were presented to residents while they were enjoying tea and cake. “Most families were marvellous but a few did not respond, so we had to hand the collages out discreetly,” says deputy manager at the centre, Elize Raath.

“The ladies were touched and some grew quite emotional, which is understandable given how long it is since they have seen their loved ones because of the coronavirus lockdown,” says Elize.

Family members also clubbed in to raise funds for a lovely tea, while others dropped off baked goodies at the gate. “This was a gesture of love on the part of those whose finances have been severely affected by the lockdown,” says Elize.

“Tracy-Lee Aberman, the granddaughter of one of our residents, donated two Honey hampers that were given away as spot prizes.”

The 20 cakes and other savouries that were purchased were shared with the male residents, while all the ladies received a chocolate and either hand cream or body wash as a little gift. Hand-made bookmarks were also presented to the female residents.

Resident Lesley Paine sent a letter of thanks to care centre manager Esme van der Walt the following day: “A huge thank you to you and all the ladies for the tea yesterday, it was so special.”

“It was a beautiful afternoon enjoyed and appreciated by all,” says Elize.

The Mother’s Day prayer read out by deputy manager Elize Raath.

Thembalami Care Centre’s Esme van der Walt (manager) and Jacob Bahumi (driver) busy cutting, pasting and putting collages together. 

Moira Dowds with her beautiful collage.

Kitchen supervisor Aletta Mnisi cuts one of the cakes.

Resident Florence Millar chats to manager Esme van der Walt.

Agreement Khoza prepares to serve tea.

Muriel Tasker’s son, who lives in the UK, sent many photos to be included on her Mother’s Day collage.

Delighted with her photos and messages from her children and grandchildren is Margaret Turner.

MODA resident Lydia Elliot with her poster and messages from her daughter in the UK.

Beautiful family photos… Soi Yen King with photos of her daughter, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Daphne Smith received heartfelt messages from her family members.

Elizabeth Forster with the spot prize she won.

Doreen Calder, Adrienne Bass and Jeanette Roodt.

Henny Fox received one of the prizes donated by Tracy-Lee Aberman.

Hand-made bookmarks attached to a chocolate were given to all the ladies.

Cake and a scone went down well with cups of tea.

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