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Billie proves that age is but a number

Despite Inyoni Creek resident Billie Sack turning 96 in June 2020, she is doing her bit in the fight against the coronavirus.

Billie is on lockdown with her family and has been hard at work making 20 masks for family members.

One of Inyoni Creek’s oldest residents, Billie lives independently and is active in the village community. She teaches bridges to other Inyoni Creek residents, loves cooking and baking and can often be found working in her garden – for up to five hours at a stretch.

Born in Vereeniging in 1924, Billie was a teacher at a commercial college where she taught shorthand and typing. She also has a degree in music (LTCL) from the Trinity College of London.

She has been a happy resident of the Rand Aid retirement village since 2009.

Billie Sack (96) makes a mask for a family member.

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